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Full Choke Kennels
"Born to Retrieve,,,Trained to Hunt"
The best trained dogs are the ones that are given the most hands on training.  This is why we make sure never to take on more dogs than we can handle to insure that every one of our labs gets the personal attention they need to be the best gun dogs on the hunt. Gun Dog Training  is our specialty and that’s why we are in the fields with our dogs 300 days per year, and when we aren’t training, we’re putting their skills to work on the hunt.  For us, this is a dream come true.  Share in our passion, by becoming a part of the Full Choke Family.  We believe that Labradors are the best breed on the market for families and gamesmen alike, and our Champion Labs are the best you will find.  Bring a Full Choke Labrador into your life or family: you will be glad you did.